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“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.”

         - Xunzi

Capacity building is key to any development endeavor.
ARP focuses on strengthening the competency of volunteers through a 6-month training program.  This consists of two phases: the didactic phase (3 months) and the practical phase (3 months). 

The didactic phase covers 4 modules with focus on health and development, community development concepts and processes,
and spiritual growth.  

ARP Electives
ARP Outreach
ARP Medical

Medical Elective Program
for Medical Students

The medical elective program of the ARP aims to provide a venue for medical elective students  (both local and foreign)

to learn about holistic patient care and community-based health and development program, where patients and the community become partners and managers of their health care. 


The 4 to 6-week program includes exposure to the hospital and community which provides the students hands-on experience on the health care delivery system of a developing country like the Philippines, as well as, learning the principles of holistic patient care.


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